Features That Power Your Business

Making Reputation Management Easy and Effective

Core Features

Designed exclusively for Nebraska businesses, our features create a seamless review management experience that’s as easy to use as it is effective.

Seamless Review Requests

Just enter your customer’s contact details, and Nebraska CX will send automated review requests via email or SMS. This removes the hassle and awkwardness usually associated with asking for reviews, increasing customer participation.

Versatility in Distribution

With integration capabilities across over 40 major review platforms, from Google to Facebook, Nebraska CX ensures that your positive customer feedback gets the exposure it deserves, helping you grow your online reputation.

Automated Follow-ups

Missed the first request? No worries. Our system will automatically send follow-up messages at scheduled intervals. This increases the probability of customers leaving reviews without the need for manual intervention.

Easy to Use Control Panel

Navigate your way through our platform with ease, thanks to our user-friendly control panel. From managing reviews to tracking analytics, every feature is just a click away, making it effortless even for those without technical know-how.

Embedded Review Widgets

Showcase the latest and greatest customer reviews directly on your website. Our easy-to-integrate widgets not only display reviews but also boost your site’s SEO and credibility.

View In-Depth Statistics

Our comprehensive analytics dashboard provides deep insights into your customer feedback trends. From the performance of your review requests to an in-depth understanding of customer sentiment, get a 360-degree view of your online reputation.

Bulk Customer Import

Have a large customer list? Save time and effort by importing it all at once into the Nebraska CX platform, which will then auto-generate review requests.

Personalization and Flexibility

Custom Solutions for Every Business

Customized Review Flows

Choose among three tailored review flows designed to maximize conversions. These pre-set pathways provide flexibility to match the unique needs and preferences of your customer base.

Branded Review Process

Keep your brand’s identity consistent during the review process. Customize the color scheme, logo, and layout to make it feel like a seamless extension of your brand experience.

Multiple Users & Locations

Our platform adapts to the complexities of handling multiple business locations and varied team roles, ensuring a centralized yet flexible review management system.

Kiosk Mode

Transform your in-store tablets or kiosks into powerful review generating stations with our Kiosk Mode feature. Encourage satisfied customers to leave immediate reviews while the experience is still fresh, thereby increasing your review volume and overall ratings.

Customize Email & Text Message Templates

Personalize your review requests for a more authentic interaction. Our platform allows you to customize the messaging in your emails and text messages, ensuring that your brand’s voice resonates in every communication.


With our advanced segmentation features, you can send targeted review requests based on specific customer attributes or interactions, making each request more relevant and effective.

Engagement Boosters

Drive Customer Interactions

Mobile & Tablet Optimization

Whether your customers prefer smartphones or tablets, our platform offers a responsive and smooth interface, ensuring a high-quality user experience across all devices.

Charity Donation Incentive

Encourage customers to leave reviews by offering to make a charity donation for each completed review. This unique feature increases participation while aligning with positive brand values.

Free WordPress Plugin

Incorporate your reviews directly into your WordPress site with our dedicated plugin. This not only adds social proof but also contributes positively to your site’s SEO.

Integration and Automation

Effortless Connections

API Connectivity

Easily connect Nebraska CX with your existing systems like POS or CRMs using our Zapier integration. This allows for streamlined operations and better data consistency.

SEO Enhancement

Boost your online visibility with our SEO-enhancing features, which help amplify your business profile and improve search engine rankings.

Communication and Collaboration

Enhance Team Productivity

Team Access Control

With the option to define varied user roles and permissions, you can easily govern who can do what within your Nebraska CX account, ensuring both security and efficient collaboration.

Multiple Locations / Sales Agents

Managing a business with various locations or sales agents? No problem. Nebraska CX allows you to segment your review management by location or agent, offering you the flexibility to maintain a unified yet specialized reputation strategy across the board.

Multiple User Logins

Facilitate team collaboration by providing unique logins for each team member. With multiple user access, you can easily delegate tasks, control permissions, and ensure that everyone stays aligned in managing and improving your online reputation.

Real-time Updates

Receive instant notifications about new reviews and customer feedback. These real-time updates help you stay updated and responsive to your customer’s needs.

Account Service

More Than Just Support: Tailored Strategies for Your Success

Comprehensive Services

Your subscription isn’t just access to our platform—it’s a full suite of strategic resources. From initial onboarding to advanced optimization and reporting, we cover all the bases to help you succeed.

Account Services (Support)

From the moment you start with Nebraska CX, our ongoing account service is here to guide you. This includes setup, strategy formation, regular performance reviews, and more, so you’re never going it alone.

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