2BC concept – there’s a lot of bullshit jargon in marketing, content markeing, business in general. What if we create the 2BC3000 – a free online tool that generates absolute corporate diarrhea bullshit buzz-phrases…once the “gag” is played out there’s a 2BC video present explaining the content marketing term/acronym/etc along with a CTA. The goal being for the viewer to play around with and laugh at the ridiculous “industry lingo” and see that 2BC “speaks your language”…

Mockup functionality below, just push the button for delicious corporate bullshit.



Click the Generate button below and your random Content Marketing Buzz-Phrase will appear. Use this in your next meeting and dazzle everyone in the meeting, including Frank the SEO know-it-all. Repeat as required.

Your Content Marketing Buzz-Phrase:

Matt's No BS Take On BANT

Two Brothers Creative breaks down and explains what BANT: Budget, Authority, Needs, Timeline means for your content marketing programs.

(Video served based on content marketing acronym presented, stand alone or time-embedded video.) 

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