What is review management?

Review management entails monitoring and engaging with customer reviews across channels to maintain your brand image and nurture customer relationships. This proactive approach involves maintaining and executing a review response strategy, promptly addressing customer issues, removing fake reviews and monitoring overall feedback, all of which are vital for maintaining a positive online reputation.

Prioritizing review management is an opportunity to actively engage with customers—a critical step toward building trust, and fortifying your brand’s image, regardless of the industry you’re in. By utilizing review management strategies and software, you can effectively navigate online reviews and maintain a positive and trustworthy online presence for your business.

Why online review management is important

According to Bright Local’s Consumer Review Survey 2023, 98% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses. Reviews have only become more accessible with the proliferation of mobile apps and the addition of readily visible ratings in search results. It’s easier than ever for customers to search your brand on the go and make a quick decision about where they want to take their business.

The abundance of online reviews isn’t just positive for consumers—they provide several benefits for your business beyond being a valuable source of feedback. Here are four reasons why online review management is so important.

Trust and credibility

Reviews help build trust and credibility online because consumers are seeking honest, authentic feedback about brands. Bright Local’s survey found that 46% of consumers feel that online business reviews are as trustworthy as personal recommendations from friends and family. And when they find positive reviews, people react with their wallets. The more positive reviews a brand receives, the stronger their online reputation. Even negative reviews that are rectified can build social proof for businesses. Responding to reviews on review platforms and social sites helps cement your brand identity while creating connections with your customers.

Gain insights

Monitoring reviews offers the opportunity to identify flaws in your business or operations. By using conversational analytics to identify both positive and negative reviews you can understand where to improve or what customers love about your brand. This constant feedback loop can inform your brand messaging, marketing strategies and product development.

Build engagement around positive reviews

Since online review management provides a feedback loop, you can leverage positive reviews and testimonials to amplify your brand’s reputation. Consider reposting social media reviews as user-generated content, which can influence buying decisions. According to The Sprout Social Index™ 2022, customer testimonials/real customer demos are ranked as the second type of content consumers like to see from brands they follow on social media.